Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Resumes on Halloween? You bet your sweet bippy!

I've been wracking my brain for about a week now, wanting to come up with something a little different for this charming day as let's face it, who can concentrate on normal life when there's so much damn candy around and people are dressed like lunatics?

So for show and tell today, I would like to share a couple of things with you that I thought were pretty spectacular.

First-  a picture that one of my girlfriends up in Dayton, Nevada (yo Malinda!) sent me. If you've never had the privilege of visiting Dayton, Nevada, you're really missing out. (That was sarcasm people. Are your sarcasm detectors broken because you've been eating too much sugar? Because you barely got that one. Sheesh!)

Anyhoo- below is a REAL picture that was snapped on a Virginia City Ghost Tour. The person taking the picture was in Malinda's group and all they thought they were doing was snapping a picture of a mirror. What they found later after browsing through all the pictures they took during the evening was a little oh, how shall we say? Unsettling. 

Here is the picture- setting is an 1800's building that was originally a hospital, now they hold art classes there- sign me up for those classes!

So tell me- what do you see here? 
A young boy? 
A woman in an old fashioned dress with a bun on top of her head?
Or a man with a hat on? 

The opinions have been varied of course, and who the heck really knows anyways?

Here's another pic, this one is from my fearless co-worker Tammy who is being awesome and allowing me to share as it's kinda personal in a weird sort of way.

The photo was taken from her living room, looking out towards their back yard patio. The figure matches the exact silhouette of her deceased mother-in-law. When they went to pull back the curtains to see who was standing on their patio, there was nobody there.
Can you say freaky man???

I thought that in honor of the holiday at hand, I'd have a little fun and create a resume for ghosts in general as I think they deserve to have their own, don't you?  So I present to you, possibly for the first time ever in the history of internet stupidity:

Resume of a Ghost

To get the hell out of this building I'm trapped in.

Special Skills: 
  • Scaring the crap out of people
  • Creating footstep and banging noises on as many hard surfaces as I can
  • Slamming doors
  • Distributing goose bumps
  • Morphing into different sizes, shapes and shadows
  • Changing room temps
  • Showing up in as many people's photographs as possible by positioning myself across from every mirror in this God-forsaken building
  • Speaking into new-fangled silver metallic boxes on cue

Extra special skill: 
If I concentrate really hard I can pick things up and throw them at people, or run a penny up a wall.

  • To have my eyes show up accurately in a picture again
  • To have a conversation with somebody besides myself
  • To change my clothes
  • To get new room mates
  • To cause enough of a ruckus to have the TAPS team or Amy from Dead Files show up and investigate, then fool 'em and stay quiet in the corner until they leave

  • Avid people watcher
  • Goosing small pets- making them appear to their owners that they've totally lost their marbles

Previous Work History:
  • 1860's - ? It's been so long I don't remember

*And for those of you that even had the passing thought to get on my case about the fact that the ghost has an Objective listed on it's resume...because according to me and other resume gurus, Objectives are old-school right? So, um, yeah... exactly my case in point. Do you know anything more old-school than a ghost?
I didn't think so.

Anyways, thanks for stopping by and
Happy Halloween everybody!! 


  1. Totally gonna put it out there that that ghost tour has that image projected (a woman in old time dress) just to freak people out. And the shadow? From some bushes or trees in the distance or something. There you go. Mystery solved. You're welcome. :p (I'm super fun at parties, too, as you very well already assumed!).

    I want that rat trap costume.

  2. Ahhh Misty- you do sound fun! Remind me to invite you to our next party ;0P
    I wanted that costume too, although I can't imagine having to take a potty run with it on?? Yikes.