Saturday, December 22, 2012

My Funny's Broke

I don't tend to get terribly political or bring up current events on this blog.
Do I get lippy?
But political or incredibly "debatey"?

The shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School (and let's not forget at the Oregon mall a few days before that) placed me in a funk that I've truthfully tried to override, but have failed... at least behind the lovely lavender walls of the little box I call home. 

I know myself well enough to restrict my television viewing during moments like these, as I tend to dissolve into a puddle of tears while squeezing and slobbering all over my appropriately concerned cat. 

Scrolling through Facebook posts has turned into drudgery and I've actually avoided it for days on end. (And as a quick side bar- to all my Facebook "friends" that put up ridiculous posts about inconsequential things such as "I've lost my phone! I think I might have to kill myself!!" I have this to say to you: FUCK YOU. Do you not even have one fucking OUNCE of SELF-AWARENESS to realize how asinine this is to the rest of the world right now? Who even GIVES A SHIT about how you lost your phone? Adults, and *more importantly* children have DIED. Just for the record: I'm still considering unfriending you.)

To the rest of the world it may appear as if I've gone on to function "normally" (whatever that is), but really, there's some kind of inner turmoil raging inside of me that has to get out. It's as if my "funny's" been broken over the past couple of weeks and I think it's because I have an opinion on this matter and I feel I must share it.

And by share it, I mean share it "here" - otherwise known as my blog domain I rightfully (or theoretically) own.

Even if my opinion is ultimately only read by the 3 people that follow me and the 204 other "fans" in France and the Czech Republic my blog stats keep quoting (wtf?), I feel that perhaps my "funny" will somehow magically become unbroken and I'll be able to make fun of people's resumes once again, in an effort to clean up the lack of employment in our country. That and maybe my point will be heard and somehow, just SOMEHOW, a movement will continue to be pushed in the direction I'm going to talk about.

Now... moving on ...

A writer friend of mine that I've affectionately nicknamed "Fog Lifter" posted a relevant article that's been circulating on Facebook, so I wanted to share it with you here, on my blog, in case you haven't seen it. Written by Liza Long, a mother to a special needs child, the article can be found here. Obviously her point is being driven home and hashed and re-hashed by bad journalists a-plenty on our nation's boob toobs day after day, but the concept of mental illness being a raging and widely ignored issue has finally bitten us in the ass. Our country's NEED to open up and run more capable mental health facilities has long been known by yours truly... starting with my several mentally ill (and mostly deceased) family members, then tripping over to my prior job with the State of Nevada Department of Family Services where I worked in a Mental Outpatient Health facility for children and teens... and now, finally, at my recruiter job of all places--- where I see boat loads of resumes from out of work mental health workers EVERY DAMN DAY.

Oodles of potential workers such as MFT's (Marriage & Family Therapists) and LCSW's (Licensed Clinical Social Workers)... Facility and Program Directors... all eligible, highly qualified peeps that should be able to be placed in QUALITY FACILITIES... instead of looking for jobs in insurance because they are starving. Do I call and talk to them? Of course I do! Not only because they are usually great individuals, but also because you never can tell... sometimes our prices can be so shocking to our customers, they can always use a good therapist to talk them off the cliff. (Just KIDDING. Or am I?)

This whole situation is sad to me on multiple levels, but I truly hope our country can turn it around and start meeting the needs of the mentally ill AND the workers that know how to take care of them.

Thanks to my readers (all 3 of you!) for letting me rant (as usual) and getting that off my chest. 

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got some Christmas and Festivus presents to go wrap! 


  1. I know *exactly* how you feel right now.

    I have no patience with the trivial. Or the spittle covered rhetoric. Both are in abundance. My kids are all early to mid 20s now, I guess you could call them "grown". When this happened my daughter called me from college just to make sure I knew she loved me. That's the stuff that I focus on to try to get through all this.

    When you are ready to write again, I'll be here ready to read.

    Have a wonderful holiday. Love someone. Let them love you back.

  2. Well I didn't lose my phone so I know that specific example wasn't me. What I can say about human nature for some as a coping mechanism is to complain about the small crap or just start talking about the normal things in a day. At some point it becomes too much. I know its a hell those parents will never escape. I cried for days and days and then I started to talk about normal stuff again. I had to. My husband had to sit with grieving parents for hours after this tragedy and then even hold a baby that had passed for far too long. This went beyond his call of duty but he did it the whole time trying not to see his own child's face. If deals with this all the time. I think he would blow his brains out if he didn't come home and trivilize the stupid shit. It certainly doesn't mean he doesn't count his blessings or know what's important in life. Anyhow I wanted to share a different perspective from someone who has to watch a man survive tragedy all the time. But he was horribly effected by these 26 lost lives because it was just so evil and aweful and there are no words to describe it. My heart breaks for those families and everyone in that town. Just to think about that happening to me is too much to bear but to live it I can't begin to imagine what they are going through. I think all parents came home and loved on their children that day. I couldn't wait to get home to mine. We had a date night planned that night. We cancelled so could be with our boys. We count our blessings. My thoughts and prayers are with those families.


  3. Thank you both TheOtherLisa and Tonia for your comments. I love that you both helped set me straight and gave me perspectives to reflect on. Thank you most for being 2 great readers! Here's to a great 2013!
    Cheers to you ladies!