Friday, August 10, 2012

It's Friday! Friday!

Do you have that stupid song stuck in your head now? No?
Well here, let me fix that for you...
One of the worst songs EVER
Pretty bad huh?

No, you know what's possibly worse?
Now we're all suffering together.
You're welcome.

I don't have much to say today... well that's a lie. Total and complete outlandish lie. I actually have a LOT to say today, but no time to say it. I'm so incredibly buried under my "normal" responsibilities and my fabulous new resume clients I got in this week, that I barely have time to comb my hair and brush my teeth. (TMI?)

So in the meantime, until I can get my sanity back in order, I thought I'd leave you with a funny cartoon that I found:


More fabulous resume blunders next week... in the meantime...

If you're pulling out your hair over your (possibly) crappy resume...


  1. I so wish I lived closer to you so you could find me a job. I so need a new one, and would love to have an "in." Oh well, guess I will just have to keep plodding away over on this coast. Sigh.

    Oh, and thanks for the earworns. Bitch. :p

  2. Ha! That ear thing comment is funny ;0)
    You need a job? I thought you had a good job? (Or from what I can try to figure out on your anonymous yet fabulous blog, I thought you did.?) Well I know you'z gotz mad skills, so you'll be fine.
    If not, you can always continue with the Ninja Snap thing. So there's THAT. ;0)