Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Vision Boards for Dummies

Email address of today's charming candidate:

lawofattractions@ (fill in the blank).

He even put his NAME as "Secret Law of Attraction" on the email I got today. 

"I know honey! Let's name our child Secret Law of Attraction Jones! Don't you think that'd be swell?"


And while I want to be clear here by stating that I have absolutely nothing against thinking "outside the box" and actually prefer it when people get out of their fuddy duddy, unbendable, staunch way of thinking about things--- it's what followed after the email address and the supposed name that really REALLY stood out to me.

This was Secret Law of Attraction's personal email to me:

"Thank you for loking at me prifile mam. I gotta be honest from the start mam, my driving record is my set back at the momment. I had an inciddent in december and then I got sick and my credits not been so good eithir for the past 5 years or so. I don't have a car or insurence anymore but I would like to talk to you mam when you read thiss so that I can tell you how I can beter your comapny."


You should really start vision boarding yourself better. 

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