Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Say wha?

I admire people that can speak many languages, (or "polyglots" to get all fancy on you and show my almost-made-it-all-the-way-thru-college edumakation)... I really do. But sometimes I get emails from multilingual candidates I just cannot make sense of, no matter how hard I try.
Case in point:
This head scratching email arrived in my inbox today.
Can any of you tell me exactly what this person is trying to convey? Because really, I'm dying to know.

"Dear (nobody- they left it blank)
Thank you for encourage me to establish work.
I have a few resume,because i am very good to say really, flexible, for sales insurance is easy,but unfortunately cant speaking well, but after a few days can speaking very well, eventually, iam very community."

What the hell?
Please, somebody, ANYBODY, translate this for me.


  1. If this guy can speak English well after a few days, he should totally ditch insurance and go into translation for the UN.

  2. I want him as my tutor if he can get that fluent that quickly!

  3. That was hilarious!! At least you encouraged him to get a job!!

  4. Oh wait!! Maybe he's a she??