Monday, October 17, 2011

Serenity now, SERENITY NOW!!

So every once in a while I'll get a resume with "interesting" things listed on it. And by interesting, I mean I do a double take... I have to actually stop and re-read it all just to make sure my eyes aren't just blurry from reading too many. 

This young man's resume is just that kind of resume, as the entire thing was "Personal Skills".
No computer skills, no job history to report. Not even school information. 
So naturally, it caught my attention.

Listed under this massive compilation of his fine personal skills was the following snippet- in this exact order:

Stillness, serenity, peaceful, undisturbed.
Devoted to aims.
Watchful, wide awake, ready to act.
Steadfast to pursuit to an aim.
Calm ability to make suitable fit to conditions. Unflusterable.

While I'm not quite sure what "aim" Mr. Jekyll (or is it Mr. Hyde?) is referring to, in the immortal words of Frank and George Costanza, I can only scream "serenity now! SERENITY NOW!!"


  1. (I'm here cause of TheRobotMommy)
    Unflusterable?! LMAO. Is that code for "always stoned". This sounds like lots of fun. Where is the "stalk" button?

  2. Thanks babynoname for following along! And yeah, is unflusterable in the dictionary? Cuz if it was, I'm sure it would say "See: stoned" next to it LOL