Wednesday, October 19, 2011

You Deserve a Break Today!

The first cover letter in my inbox today started out like the majority of them read...
"I'm highly motivated...hungry for new knowledge...a highly developed great attention to detail...'' blah blah blah.

Next paragraph said another line I see occasionally: "I like to think outside the box."
This wouldn't be significant, except when I finally ran my eyes over the actual resume to see where the guy last worked, I started busting up.

He worked at Taco Bell.

So where did my pea brain go?

Does anyone else see the irony here?
Perhaps he needs to spend some time inside the bun.


  1. Dude, way to spread the marketing message! Maybe he's just trying to get his job at Taco Bell back.

  2. Or, he was up late at night trying to figure out what to write and after hours of staring at his Taco Bell or Jack in the Box cup, he miraculously came up with that line. Hahahahahahaha.......