Monday, December 5, 2011

It's Meanie Monday! Installation #4

Gooooooooooood morning my little chickadees!

Happy Frickity Frackety Monday!

Today's Meanie Monday post is a doozy. I'm pretty sure I probably say that on every Meanie Monday now, but forget about the other ones, this one's icky scary.

So icky scary that we called the police.

I've got your attention now, don't I??

Here we go!

First a little bit of back story.
As you all know from reading my previous posts, I get a lot of offensive, obscene, and repulsive emails. Usually they fall into a few different categories-
a) they don't want anything to do with insurance (for whatever reason)
b) they don't want anything to do with selling anything, ever (even though their resumes has "sales" stuff all over it)
c) they don't want anything to do with the corporate world (even though that's where they've spent the majority of their career time)
d) they hate the particular company that I work for (because obviously, there must have been some kind of a bad experience that left a bad taste in their mouth).

This post is about d). This guy apparently had a bad experience a while back with my company.

Now, as I've said before, no company is perfect. As much as a company may try to have stellar customer service and pro-active management, EVERY company on the planet is going to have people that hate it. It's just a fact of life. There's really no getting around it.

This lovely (ahem) gentleman had an impressive background career-wise, but what he unleashed upon me because of the company I was affiliated with was enough to cause great concern for our safety.

Here's his reply email to me/us:

"Thanks for your inquiry. Thank you for reviewing my online resume. As you no doubt know, ____________ Insurance is a con artist scam operation whereby "nice guys" sell the policies and hard case criminals handle the claims. You collect policy premiums and break your contracted promises. I myself was a former insured and saw for myself the fear in the eyes of the claims reps when I tracked down their rat hole offices seeking some discussion on my denied coverage claims. The cowards actually thought I had come armed to attain some true justice, Clint Eastwood style. The punks were lucky that day because all I wanted from  __________ was fairness, a commodity utterly lacking in the corporate mission statement. I know, naive. Their only question was, "How did you find this office?" Obviously, they needed to do a better job of hiding because someone not as nice as me was inevitably going to visit.

Please come to your senses and find some other form of employment. Perhaps you could join the Catholic Church and tutor pre-teen boys or enlist in an Islamic terrorist organization? Anything would be more ethical and decent than employment in the insurance industry (and do less damage to our wonderful country). If not, may you die an early death and rot in the fires of hell forever. You and your teams do not deserve to live.

FORMER ____________ INSURED"

Ummm, excuse me?
While some of you may have just easily blown the email off and not worried about it in the slightest bit, I'm admittedly not that laid back as from my perspective, the arrival of this email into my inbox created a great cause of concern for our office.

At the nudging of my sweet husband (who about had a heart attack when he read it and immediately went out on his lunch break to buy me another brand new, high powered pepper spray which I now keep in my closest work drawer) the police were called. I knew it was a shot in the dark that anything could necessarily be DONE or SOLVED regarding this email, but we felt it was necessary anyway. I did some background checking on this person, printed down as much info as I could on him and presented it all in a nice pile to the poor officer that was dispatched to our office. He stood there for a long time sifting through the information and as we all predicted, there wasn't much that could be done as the threat was too "general". He did oddly enough suggest that I contact his current employer and show them the email.
That's what you're suggesting?
Not wanting to further provoke the asshole and possibly unleash yet more wrath from this vile human being, I chose NOT to go this route. I just proceeded to block him via every Do Not Contact route our company has in place, crossed my fingers and hoped against hope that he wouldn't decide to pay us a visit as well, just like he did those poor claims reps.

I've been at this particular job for 3.5 years now and let me tell you, the evolution of anger from the job seekers I encounter has gone from slightly irritated to full blown foaming-at-the-mouth rage. I understand that times are tough and for many, getting tougher by the day. Unfortunately circumstances like these tend to bring out the worst in those who were already teetering on the brink of sanity and rationale. I will of course continue to soldier on like a good employee, sifting through my inbox looking for my decent and deserving job candidates. I'm sure you'll all agree it's okay though that I've adopted the mantra of this little guy as for now, I feel it's all I can really do:


  1. Wow, you just totally scared the shit out of me. REALLY???

    I've just in the past two days gone from pity for the wanna-poke-yur-eyes-out-with-a-pen poor penmanship you endure, to honest to God, spine tingling fear'n for yur life, here!!!!!

    I'm getting the whole "need for theraputic blotting and wine" more w/ every post. Sheesh.

  2. @Sharon- yeah, this one was one for the history books in our office. It's really sad the amount of rage unleashed on employees in general- complete misdirected rage.
    Thanks for the sympathy!