Monday, May 14, 2012

A bad email address can do wonders for your career

I know I've addressed this topic in some earlier posts last year (an example of which you can find here ) but I ran across a few last week that had me stunned.

It started with omgalishat@

Did you get that?

OMG Ali Shat.

As in oh my god Ali took a dump?

I mean really?

I sat there for a while, scratching my head trying to figure out WHY anyone on earth would do this to themselves. Then I looked closer at her name and realized what had gone down. Her name was Alisha and her last name started with a T.

So she thought she was putting OMG Alisha T.

Not OMG Ali Shat.


Then there were 2 MORE that caught my eye last week as well.
The first one was sweet.nightmares@.
Umm yikes.

The other was a little more intense.
THIS was the email address for a guy that titled his resume as "Animal Professional":


Umm even BIGGER yikes.

Peace out my peeps!


  1. One more good reason to get a new email address specifically for a job search (and not one that can be misread!): I used a separate email on one of my domains for my resume. It wasn't my main email address, but still one I was using for other things. Forgot that hackers will steal those off your resume when you post on job boards because what are you gonna do? Delete an email that could bring you a job? Unfortunately I started getting spam returns on that email address almost immediately. I switched to a Gmail address but still had to put up with hundreds of "delivery failed" notices for weeks until I could safely assume no potential employers were going to try to contact me on that address. :( Live and learn.

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  3. Draagonfly- this is an excellent point! I think I'll use it as a future blog posting topic. Sad these things happen but very true in our day and age. :0(