Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What do you mean???

I like it when job seekers make it easy for me to delete their shi-zizzle. 

Take for example "Anna", who had a resume that screamed (and was titled) "Sales Professional" at the very top of it.

She had some skills that matched what I was looking for for a particular position, so I called her. Apparently her voice mail box wasn't set up (always a brilliant move, I might add, when you're looking to become gainfully employed), so I emailed her instead.

My email entailed the normal things I say such as "I found your resume...I'd like to speak with you as we are looking for quality sales professionals in our area... I thought your skills might be a good match for the position we have to offer right now...Your voice mail box apparently isn't set up as I was unable to leave a message...Please call me at your convenience..." etc etc.

Two hours later I get THIS back in my email box:

"what do you mean by sales professional??????? please call me. thunks."

Uh, really Anna?

What about my email was so hard for you to understand? Your resume says SALES PROFESSIONAL all over it, and YOU'RE asking ME what do I "mean" by sales professional? (+ 6 more question marks)? And I DID try to call you, but your damn voice mail isn't set up. Which I ALSO mentioned in my email.

I'll pass. 

I ask you, my faithful blog reading chickadees, am I really that hard to understand?

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