Friday, February 10, 2012

And you call yourself a chef...!

For some reason, the bulk of this week's resumes have been all about the culinary world.

Now while I occasionally get some job submissions from chefs, this past week in particular has been overflowing with them.

Two of them, however, made me bust out laughing and start yelling from my desk to my poor co-workers (who endure my outbursts like saints I must add...).

The first lady (whom we'll just call "Samantha") wrote directly to me and told me in no uncertain terms that she would like to meet all my "aviation culinary needs".

Ummm, say wha?

I work in an office for an insurance company.
What the freakin' Sam hell makes Sam think that I would have aviation culinary needs?

I usually recommend that people stay focused in a niche market if they can but just for the record: it's probably not a good idea to try and push your aviation culinary skills off onto an insurance recruiter.

Freaking duh.

The other guy though, whom we'll just call "Brandon"... he gets the weanie award.

He called himself a chef, I started scrolling through his job history and discovered that he'd
a) never gone to culinary school (or anything but high school and 1 semester of community college for that matter)
b) to date has only worked at 7-11.

He's calling himself a chef and he works at 7-11.

Does he load the hot dogs on to the rolling grill thingy??

Or does he make sure the slurpie machines are fully functioning?

I know those are very important roles in our society but I mean, COME ON  here people.

Have a blip of decorum for criminey sakes. 

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