Tuesday, February 21, 2012

This ain't the personal ads people

It's time I spout off about this because it's been drivin' me FREAKIN' CRAZY for months...years? Probably years now that I really take a second to think about it.

So here's the overview...as I outlined in this previous blog post... interests and/or hobbies aren't really necessary to put on your resume any more. Unless of course you have a very special niche career in which it would apply, posting them really does nothing more than
a) take up space
b) make us Recruiter/HR types snicker our asses off at you.

The most recent round I've collected is SO SO silly, I couldn't of course help but share.

Before I do though, I just wanted to point out the fact that way back in the stone age (or whenever it was that people decided it was necessary to put "Interests" or "Hobbies" on resumes) I really don't know what the eff they were thinking. Because really, what's the difference besides an interest or a hobby? I think they are like 2 degrees off in separation or something minuscule like that. One could assume that hobbies just start off as mere interests, and evolve into something more.
But still, when I see them posted on a resume?
All I can think is 1 of 3 things:


Let's begin, shall we?

"I enjoy gardening and quilting"

How thrilling. Be still my beating heart.

"My favorite color is purple and I'm a spunky Sagittarius."

How nice. I totally don't care.

"I like long walks on the beach and beautiful sunsets..."

Pffft. Like that isn't an overused stereotypical catch phrase circa 1978...

"My hobby is that I enjoy spending time playing with my fiance and Bowser my Basset Hound."

Okay, I love Basset Hounds, so I'm going to leave that one alone. But "playing" with your fiance?
Ummmm, yeah. Like totally inappropriate.

"My hobby is global news."

 Uhhh, really? Could you be any more dull?

"Hobbies: children"

This simple statement was from a guy that has no career affiliation with children...ummmm this scares me.
Should I be reporting him?

"Hobbies: Fresh and salt water aquariums"

This was also posted from a job seeker that had no prior employment experience with aquariums. 
Or fish.
Or even the rocks that go in the bottom of the tank.

Can you say random?

"Expanding Home Brewing Beer Possibilities"

(This one was admittedly extra funny to me because my hubby home brews...)

"Hobbies: Advertysment"

Wha? Who has a hobby regarding advertising? The dude's background had nothing to do with marketing or advertising. Or even spelling things correctly for that matter. Perhaps he was involved with THIS advertisement:

"Watching Anime"

Do I really need to say anything about this one??

"Hobbies: I love selling things. I once sold 640 candy bars at a dollar each for my sisters fiffth grade class."

Okay, clearly, this candy bar selling dude that loves selling things but has a problem with spelling things should be hooked up with my "advertisment" dude above. Don't you agree? I should totally arrange a soiree of sorts for them.

And I know it's not exactly a pic of candy bars, but I found this and couldn't resist posting it...


"Hobbies: Walking and bingo"

How old are you anyway??
(Wait, don't answer that...technically I'm not allowed to ask...)

"Hobbies: Counseling peers and bowling"
Did you mean "counseling peers while bowling"??

Or just drinking too much while bowling and spouting off your opinion when nobody really freakin' cares?

"Hobbies: Puzzles"

What kind of puzzles? Cuz if it's this kind, then...


But if it's this kind:

Then that's just funny shit.
You should really be more specific when posting that your only hobby is puzzles, just sayin'...

"Hobbies: making pool shot videos for youtub"


Is that a new video hosting website I haven't heard of as of yet?

"Hobbies: Live events and fantasy sports"

I suppose it's "live" events vs. "fantasy" sports, just to keep an even keel and all? Like one foot is firmly planted in reality while the other one is loosely floating in fantasy?

And last for now, but knowing my luck, certainly not the last I'll see on a resume:

"Hobbies: Socializing with friends."

Yeah, because NOBODY likes socializing with their friends.


Peace out my peeps!

PS Which friend icon are YOU? I'm pretty sure I'm Cartwright, but fingers are crossed I'm something cooler like Spongebob. ;0)

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