Friday, February 24, 2012

Yo yo yo!

Happy Friday!
Let's just jump right in... I got this STUPID ASS email from this PUNK KID who thought if he'd write (and I use that word loosely) and send me these 4 sentences, I'd JUMP at the chance to call him.

His name is Shane.
I'm using his real name this time because...well you'll see why in a minute.

This is his email to me:

"Hi Stepanie
I write a email from u regards a job with ____________ " (my company name went there...)
"how does the pay work ur company
please advised"

Oh man, I couldn't pick up the phone fast enough to call this qualified job seeker.


And just when I thought he couldn't get any dumber... I caught Shane's email address.

It started with:


Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?
Please stand up?
Please stand up?

Or rather, I'm with Christina Aguilera on this one, will the real Slim Shady and Slim Shaney please shut the fuck up?

Don't know about the spat years ago between Christina and Eminem? You probably don't need to, but it's Friday, so what the hell, what's another one minute and 55 seconds of your life wasted? Listen to this to hear Christina's version... which I believe was written by Weird Al, who just basically rocks on a whole different level. I'm sure DJSlimShaney is basically just some wanna be white and nerdy loser, whom Weird Al sings about here, in one of his best songs evah.

You're welcome for the odd distraction in your day.
Peace out my peeps!

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