Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day !

It's Valentine's Day!
Do you like totally big puffy heart LUV V-Day?
Or do you wish it would just go away forever and for everybody to just shut the hell up about it already??

Either way, it's okay.
Really it is.

I was snooping around Tarjay yesterday and lookie what I found!
A Valentine's Day gift for Millie Minnie Mickey's sad and pathetic, uber rich parents.

They could just watch that instead of driving us all crazy about her... I know, I'm such a bitch.


This morning I was pleasantly surprised with tons of chocolate from my great boss and co-workers and my sister got me a beautiful bouquet of flowers...which is helping me ease the strain of resume reading. Thanks wonderful sistah!!

(Yes, this is a shot of my sad desk, where all the magic happens...)

And last but not least, in keeping with my SpongeBob theme...I just found this!


Stay tuned tomorrow for some more mind numbing resume fodder.

Until then, from the bottom of my snark-filled heart, I love you my little blog reading chickadees!!

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