Monday, February 13, 2012

Links...I haz dem

So it's late on Sunday night... I don't feel like writing a Meanie Monday post (screw the Meanies! Down with the Meanies! at least for this week...) so I've been bumbling around on the internet searching for stuff that will
a) make me laugh
b) be resume and/or job seeker related
c) find out what my competition is.

I've only lately started searching out my competition- and just for the record, I don't really have any.
Go me!

there are several different links I wanted to post here that I found interesting.

The first item on the agenda is Squidward.
Yes, Squidward.
I know, head scratching. But give me a second and let me explain, then it will all make sense.

Every good blogger studies their "stats".  Stats refer to what countries they are being read in (33 and counting!), how many people have actually viewed their blog (almost at 10,000! OMGAWD) and what "catch phrases" or pics or topics or blog "labels" will get their readership up. This last category caught my attention as apparently the fact that I used Squidward's name and clipart for him in this post got me some incredible attention.
Now, seeing as how I'm an attention whore, you don't have to tell me twice how to increase the chances of getting people's attention. So showing me statistics proving to me that using characters from Spongebob Squarepants will drive people to read my blog? This is totally a no brainer- I'm all over it. After all, the world needs to know how NOT TO BE STUPID while writing a resume. I'm absolutely sure of it.
(Even if they were just innocently searching for Spongebob clipart or some such odd nonsense.)

So here we go!

Here's a pic of Spongebob himself, the STAR of the show...

Patrick, his best friend (whose voice is done by Bill Fagerbakke, who has done like 527 TV shows and movies according to IMDb but ultimately, in my brain, will always be Dauber from Coach-- and can be seen here in a youtube video with all the different Spongebob character voices)

And just as a side note, I totally have a special affinity for Dauber, I mean Patrick, I mean Bill Fagerbakke... as back in the day when I helped run a successful print shop, being so close to Hollywood we had some totally rockin STUDIO accounts... and by STUDIO accounts, I mean the studios down in Burbank. Which translates into STARS for those of you "not from these parts". 
We did printing for Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, MADONNA, the original color matching criteria to be followed for THE SIMPSONS, and not last, and certainly not least, the sitcom Coach.
 I love me some Coach. 

And just to make sure I've got most of the characters of Spongebob covered to selfishly boost my blog readership stats and all,
here's Mr. Krabs:

here's Plankton:

and last, but not least, the dude that started the original blog reading phenomenon in the first place, 

(This pic of Squidward I unabashedly stole from a blog entry called "Are They or Aren't They?" where discusses whether or not Squidward is the overlooked homo of the series. OY, the things one can find on the internet!!!)

Now that we got that taken care of... we can move onto the next topic at hand:

Apparently I'm not the only one making mad fun of job seekers. This article was pointed out to me by my friend Heather (who I became friends with because we moved in next door to her and my high school prom date/sort of ex-boyfriend whom she married and our daughters became good friends...more on that later!)
(And why yes, I DO have an interesting life now that you mention it...only about 3 books currently in the works addressing all the odd and random and entertaining stuff I have been thru...stay tuned!)

Sorry, got sidetracked there...the article Heather brought to my attention debuts a cover letter submitted by an *overly enthusiastic* job seeker...who was quickly made fun of by about 100 or so Wall Street dudes. It was put on Yahoo of all places, with the caveat that drinks (plural) would be offered to the "first analyst to concisely summarize everything that is wrong with the note". First of all, let me point out, I've seen much worse. And (of course) written about and made fun of much worse. I've seen some doozies in my time and for now, I'll just set up this link to lead you to the gold that is this blog posting. But the fact that guys on Wall Street are passing this around to their co-workers and making fun of it AND it posted on Yahoo? Seriously, I need a job there. They want sarcasm regarding job seekers?
Right here baby!

Now, topic #3.
While poking around I found this great, uplifting posting about a girl that was incredibly creative with her resume (well she really did a resume PLUS a slideshow and sent it to the company) and how she got hired. Not just "normal" hired though, they sent her a slideshow back telling her she got the job. This made me swoon as it's rare that a recruiter such as myself sees such a heartwarming "coming together" if you will of mutual talents to be used for the good of mankind.
Think I'm being overly ridiculous about some chick getting offered a job?
Then watch it all here.  Not only was my heart warmed by something other than my 3rd glass of wine (ahem)... there's a new kitty picture that has "Best Resume Ever" underneath said Kittay... and OMGAWD swoon again!!

To possibly be used on everything.
(You can't say you haven't been warned...)

Okay so last but not least (to keep with the "last but not least" theme as I'm pretty sure I've said that only about 422 times on this blog post), I was surprised to see that my next article was up already on Woo hoo! You can read it here but it's kind of the "tame" version of me writing about Team Objective, and why you shouldn't be on it. (My earlier followers know how passionate I am about NOT having an Objective listed on one's resume...) What's possibly most amazing to me is that my good friends at Snagajob found a picture expressing exactly how I feel about reading Objectives, usually asleep.
Or angry.
Which would look like this if I were a bunny.


(Bunny brought to you by me, not by Snagajob...for the other snoozy pic, you'll have to go to the link I posted.)

You can read more about my radical feelings about Objectives here.

Seriously, are you as linked out as I am now?

Perhaps it's the 3.5th glass of wine I stumbled down the stairs to get talking, but I feel it's time to wrap things up here.

Thanks for being a faithful or first time reader (no doubt thanks to my Spongebob Squarepants clipart references!!)

Peace out my friends.

Oh, and happy Monday!


  1. I'm trying to figure out how to work Sponge Bob into Abundant Life! Ha!!
    There should be a hilarious option under the reactions section. :)

  2. Love that Marianne! You can totally make it work ;0)