Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fun with Puns

One of my many (yes, I know- some people think too many) pet peeves graced my inbox yesterday...

The use of the word "costumers" on a resume.

Over and over and OVER again, I see it all freakin' day long. Yesterday I could have put a small tree back together with the amount of paper consumed by resumes that had the word COSTUMERS on it.

Why is this so hard to get straight?

I've mentioned this before but unfortunately it obviously bears repeating...

Sorry to have to break it to everybody, but there are no costumes involved in the everyday life of an insurance person. And unless you have a job as a person that either makes or designs costumes, or you actually help people put their costumes on, you shouldn't be using that word on a resume.

The dumbest offender of the day goes to the server that put this as the description of his last place of employment:

"Served costumers in high end sole food restaurant."

Huh. I'm confused.
Were you trying to tell me that you serve CUSTOMERS in a SOUL food restaurant?


Is this a fish restaurant that requires it's customers to wear costumes?  

PS Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

And on behalf of all the turkeys out there:

Go eat some fish!

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