Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Me too! Me too!

Today had me giggling bright and early.
I was 8 minutes into my work day and I opened up an email response from a girl that I had pursued yesterday. She actually had a good resume (can you believe it?) and I had called her, left her a message and then emailed her. I wanted to book an interview for her but apparently I was too late.
This is what she came back at me and said:

"Thank you for your interest Stephanie, but I have already obtained a Fun-Time position."

Oooo! Sign me up!
I want one of those too!


  1. Is that what they're calling stripping these days?

  2. @Crystal- good point. Perhaps I should have used different clip art?

  3. Just what exactly is a "fun time position" anyway? Hmmmmmm......

  4. ^ It's much like saying you're "Fun-employed." Making the best out of whatever situation you're in would be my guess. :)