Thursday, November 3, 2011

Well THAT just makes PERFECT sense

Oh the youngins.

They're just so cute with their attempts to be gainfully employed.

Some I instantly respect as I can see they've tried their hardest to do volunteer work, get good grades in school, intern etc etc.

But sometimes they do things that, well... just leave me scratching my head.

Take for example this young lady.

She listed that she worked at a small company for a reasonable amount of time for a youngin, 8 months.

She didn't say what she did, she just put the previous boss's name and phone number, you know, in case I wanted to call and get all persnickety and nosy about her.

She put this as a "Personal Statement" at the top (rarely seen by the way):
"Once I am finished doing one thing, I'll look for more things to do."

Alright. That sounds reasonable if you have very little verbiage you can actually put down on paper.

But here's the funny part.

Under that job she had for 8 months?

She said this:
"I left because I needed more hours."

And then there was this:

That's right, cue the crickets.  

There was NOTHING.

No other job listed after that one and only one.

Doesn't logic dictate that if you needed more hours, you wouldn't use that as your criteria for leaving when the end result would be to have NO FLIPPING HOURS AT ALL, would you?

Am I missing something here?

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