Monday, November 21, 2011

Meanie Mondays Installation #2

Welcome to the 2nd Installation of Meanie Mondays.

Today's chosen jaw dropping candidate comes from a whole new genre...somebody that decided to drag God into his offensive behavior towards me. I've seen some weird stuff but I've never seen THIS particular kind of weird stuff.
So let's get started, shall we?

I found a *slightly decent* candidate on a job board. (I stand to be corrected on my interpretation of *slightly decent* later as time would tell. Silly me.) I emailed him, said I would like to speak with him about a couple of different positions that might interest him given his previous job listings. Those previous job listings (fyi) were in sales and the worker's comp aspect of the insurance world.
Two days went by and then one morning I came into work, opened up my inbox and found THIS as his reply to my email.
Time stamp you ask?
7:39 a.m.

Here we go:
"Attention Asshole:
It takes no talent to annoy my inbox with patented UNSOLICITED job opportunities that you KNOW are highly unlikely to be of ANY interest to me. Spare me your inane rationalizations. You KNOW you're full of shit, you bottom-feeding, no-talent, create-nothing douchebag. Our job site profiles are there for a specifically targeted reason. You've crossed all lines by emailing me.
Being that you're so mind-numbingly stupid, it's highly likely that you also believe in god. You clearly need help on many levels, but I can only help you overcome your religious delusion. Check out my website. You can expect regular updates.
Get a REAL job and then go fuck yourself. And have a great day!
-The Bastard"

And then he put a link to his website.
Which I'm not going to list here even though I bet I could get an entire tribe of people after him to retalitate for putting me through reading that email.

But he actually thinks I'm going to CLICK ON his link? Like I must be so stupid (like he said) that I'd just say to myself "You know what? I think he's right. I need help on many different levels. I have great religious delusion. I AM a bottom-feeding, no-talent, create-nothing douchebag. I really SHOULD click on this fellow's link. HE'S going to be the answer I've been searching for all along."

All I can add to this experience is this: