Monday, November 7, 2011


Oh...I get a lot of garboly gook in my inbox.

Some days are worse then others.



I got 5 different emails very similar to this one, but this was the worst of the bunch so ding ding ding!

This one's the winner!

Here is chosen stellar applicant's cover email to me, word for word:

hey there stepnie can i know moeabout this possition is this possitio an hourly payed andin a office or is this like make your own schedual andstuff can you pleas contact me thank you goodnight

Ummmm... whatever you just said?

The answer is no.

Just... just...


Oh! And- goodnight to you too.


  1. Um, remember that post about drunk e-mailing? Yeah.

  2. Yeah, I agree with Crystal. Goodnight they say, you must have gotten the last email of the night and obviously too much to drink, lol. Oh how these people provide a little laughter with no effort on their part.