Monday, November 28, 2011

It's Meanie Monday! Installation #3

And happy freakin' Monday after the L-O-N-G holiday weekend...

Let's just get right to it, shall we?

I'm pretty sure this one will blow your eyelashes back a bit, just like it did mine.

I found a guy we'll just call  "Joe" (no that's not his real name) on a job board a few months back that had a slight background in insurance about 10 years ago. Although he had mainly been focusing on business and project management with some pretty impressive companies as of late, it appeared as though he had some excellent skills that would apply to our line of work.
So I tried to call him.
Phone just voice mail, no answering machine, nothing.
Next I did the only thing I had left to do at that point, I emailed him.

The following day I got his reply back which just left me sitting there stunned.

Thank you for the consideration and this opportunity of which you emailed. Under spiritual and morale issues, Insurance is gambling, betting on a flesh-ling being or not being injured. I cannot be a party to this scam. And furthermore, you are acting as if you are addressing an associated FRANCHISE when I am an Inhabitant, not a franchise nor a US CORPORATE 14th Amendment Slave-CITIZEN, here again I choose not to participate in this scam.
A Free Inhabitant,
A Free Flesh and Blood Living Soul"

Ummmm say wha?

This was disturbing.

After reading it over several times, it was still disturbing.

I sent a copy of the email to my husband, who also decided that yes, indeed, it was disturbing.

He (fortunately) had the brains to put the Scary Person's closing lines into a Google search and guess what popped up? All this junk from all these weirdos out there that actually think like this. Apparently this is some kind of a movement or something as there's a ton of information about this.

I found one guy's rant online just now, about how he refuses to pay his mortgage based on all these "things" he cites and this is part of the quote he put up online on his blog... for reference, he's talking about some letter he sent to President Obama and his mortgage company:

"I have changed my name but everything else is how I sent it. I also included other legal documents which I have filed with the Secretary of State, to show my status as Sovereign and free, flesh and blood living soul. A transient inhabitant and NOT a "person", which the legal definition INCLUDES a corporate fiction. Yes, your name in all capital letters makes you a corporate fiction and NOT a living human being. You must seperate yourself and explain this to the State and federal "governments".
It is up to each and every one of us to set the record straight, then and only then will ANY change for the good take place. People who join groups or "Tea Parties" or other organizations believing that they are championing anything are being led around by the nose and distracted from the truth and what really matters.
It's all about "money" which is not real anyway. Sad world we live in. Hope more of you wake up to the truth before it's too late."

A guy commented on his blog right after he posted the above excerpt and amazingly, he did not pull it down. Here's the sane man's response that made me laugh:

"Yes, your name in all capital letters makes you a corporate fiction and NOT a living human being.
STEVE (nope, still a human)."

You know how people talk about "Portals" for ghosts? I swear, my inbox is a portal for idiots, weirdos, morons and chumps.

Maybe I should have my cat start handling all of this for me.

I think she'd do a fine job.

Because after all, she's just as smart as these asshats.
Probably smarter.


  1. Yeah, I was once subjected to such a conspiracy theorist. I won't say how we were affiliated except to say it involved DIVORCE, but he despised insurance (as he did paying most any other bill) declaring it unconstitutional as that type of gambling based system was illegal. But guess who was first in line to collect after hurricane Katrina??? He hated banks, cell phones (affectionately referred to as "electronic leashes"), and the oppressive keeping of time (like, he refused to own a watch) too. I'm not even kidding. You think finding out that a guy abodes or makes this horrible ,"thiiitcchhhh" sound when food gets stuck in his teeth blows, try THAT one on for size after declaring, "I do." Sheesh...

    & guess what, some poor soul such as yourself ran across his resume @ some point too, I'm sure.

    Moral of the story: do your homework, both in recruiting & potential spouses. No interview or engagement is EVER long enough. *fact*

  2. Snores> abodes. ??? Stupid autocorrect.

  3. @Sharon- I love this line: "Moral of the story: do your homework, both in recruiting & potential spouses. No interview or engagement is EVER long enough." Excellent! Heed her wise words everyone!