Friday, November 11, 2011

Things that impress me...

Hmmmm.... let's see here...
Things that impress me:

1. Single parents working hard to raise their kids by themselves.

2Anybody that has the willpower to not have a TV in their house.

3.  The men and women that compete in the Volvo Ocean Race. Seeing as how you probably have NO idea what the heck I'm talking about as people's eyes usually glaze over when I bring this up, here's a link you can click to get some perspective on these fine athletes:

4. People that try their best to overcome a physical or mental disability or illness.

5. Teenagers accomplishing incredible things most adults only dream about from their cozy living room recliners.
For example:
Jordan Romero- youngest male to climb Mt. Everest
Jessica Watson - youngest female to solo circumnavigate the globe, unassisted
Abby Sunderland- youngest female to round Cape Horn- came close to becoming youngest female to solo circumnavigate the globe, unassisted
Zac Sunderland- successful completion of solo circumnavigation- held record for youngest male in 2009 until Mike Perham took the title from him.
Mike Perham- youngest male to solo circumnavigate the globe

4. Polyglots (Go look it up if you don't know what that means. I'll wait...)

5.  Iron-Man Triathlon participants.

6. Our brave Police, Coast Guard, and Fire Fighting men and women.

7. Authors that can crank out a book a year.

8. Older adults finally going back to school to finish what they started.

9. People that are married and stay faithful to their spouses.

10. Entrepreneurs.

11. Housekeepers. Anybody that has the cojones to clean other peoples' toilets is impressive. No ifs and or butts. (Sorry, couldn't resist)

12. Anybody with a higher IQ than me. (Yeah, I know...that's a LOT of people...)

13. Old day and/or present day lighthouse keepers. Enduring all that solitude and rhythmic annoyance to save lives? Impressive.

14. Comedians. Good or bad, anybody with the nerve to stand up in front of a group of people and possibly make the biggest fool out of themselves just in the hopes they can make someone laugh? On my list.

15. Crime scene investigators.

16. Amos Nachoum- famous underwater photographer. I've met him, he's awesome. If you don't know who he is (and very few people do) at least check out his site
And for those of you that absolutely FREAK THE HECK OUT over sharks and how HORRIBLE they are- you need to watch his link I'm posting here, called "No Demons of the Sea"- this is from the TEDx Conejo conference my daughter and I attended:!

17. And last but certainly not least, our military men and women and their awesome families. I come from a very military family- both of my grandfathers served in WWII and my father was a Green Beret in Vietnam. I'm proud of the military men in my lineage and not only want to say thank you to them, but on today- Veteran's Day- want to say thank you to the men and women that proudly serve our country and to their families that support them and make it all possible.

So now- why am I making a list of 17 random things that impress me you ask?

Because "Jarrod" decided to put this at the tail end of his silly 
bo-billy resume.

"I studied German for 3 years in school and this has impressed my fellow co-workers."

I know I'm a bitch for saying this but.....


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