Friday, November 25, 2011

Today I'm veering off track...

Happy day after Turkey Time and/or Black Friday if you're one of those crazies out there that like to trample over people and wait in line for hours to save $2.50. Personally, I can't handle that action as it makes me hyperventilate like this:

But more power to ya if you can get out there and play like that! 

Seeing as how I have the next few days off (which basically means that I get a break from reading stupid junky resumes in my inbox), I wanted to post something completely unrelated to resumes. I'm sure this will bore some of you and if you showed up on my site today to specifically see me bash another great CV, I'm sorry to disappoint, you'll just have to scroll through some of my archives to read up and get your fill. 

Now, onto the topic at hand. 
 (I know some of you just yawned, but stay with me here, you might actually learn something new!)

My sister and I like to craft together. 
Since we are fortunate enough to live together in a very large house, we actually have a CRAFT ROOM. 
 After years of us both just dreaming about it, we can say that we actually have one! 
Here are some random shots of the room and what we've previously worked on to give you an idea:

This is one part of the room. 
This is pretty much where I sit, look out over our beautiful back yard and bash the hell out of morons and their resumes. 
Yep, this is where the magic happens baby. 
Right next to my vintage Winnie the Pooh I've had since I was 4.

Here are some items my sister gets to take most of the credit for- although I helped her pick the designs and sayings (and lettered the sayings-big whoop) she is the incredibly talented artist. I can't draw a stick figure to save my life. 

And one of my faves- a Cockapoo puppy painting:

Here's a headboard for our master bedroom that I made with the assistance of my poor hubby that played along like a good sport:

So you get the idea, right?
While we are certainly not professionals, we try to have fun and come up with creative things to make the house more "interesting".
And although my sister and my schedules only seem to sync when there is a rare planetary alignment, we manage to scheme about new projects and work on them in shifts. So we each have our hand in whatever end product we're after and eventually it gets done. Sometimes I work on a project at 5am before work, sometimes she works on a project at 3am after work. But we ultimately have the end goal in mind and know what we're after and it eventually comes together. 

Yesterday was one of those moments when everything finally came together on one project in particular we'd been slugging away at for what felt like months. In between cooking Thanksgiving dinner and prepping for our guests to arrive, we were finally hanging our latest masterpiece in the stairwell of the house.

Backstory: we have a curved staircase, it's rather steep and has this very tall wall shooting straight up to the roof line. It was a large empty space that we didn't quite know what to do with as a "regular" framed picture couldn't go there because of the angle of the's extremely curvy, matching the staircase. We've lived here for a full year next week and so this wall has been driving my sister and I bat shit crazy being all blank and stuff. It's like it's been taunting us every time we go up and down the staircase saying
 "Neener neener neener! 
You can't figure out how to decorate me!!" 
(Yeah- I know the wall wasn't actually saying that but in our minds? 
It totally was, so be a good blog reader and play along, alright??)

ANYHOO, after hours of snooping around on Pinterest (our favorite idea site that if you haven't had the pleasure of surfing around on you must go NOW to experience (or after you finish reading my blog is acceptable too)...just click here:
You're required to register on their site to look around but I promise you, it's safe, they don't ever spam you or annoy you in the slightest...) Tracy and I picked a project that looked perfect for our predicament. Although done on a much smaller scale with only real Scrabble tiles in the original picture we saw on Pinterest, we took it a step further and kicked it up a notch in true
 crafty * sisterly * fashion. 

And now, without further ado- I present to you our 
Scrabble Name Art:

Although somewhat deceiving in the picture, it runs 4.5' across and 5.5' down the wall. 
It admittedly took us some time to get all our names to work out in an "eye pleasing format", but we think the end product looks pretty damn good if we don't say so ourselves.

 Here's how we did it: we purchased white canvas blocks that are 4"x4", painted them a nice tan color with brushstrokes resembling wood patterns... printed and cut out type similar to that of the Scrabble font, taped them onto the blocks, hand traced the letters and the numbers, removed the taped on cut outs and then hand painted the letters and the numbers on and voila! 
Project is completed!

Time consuming?
Worth it?

Picture doesn't do it justice.
You'll just have to come over and see.

Our next project you ask?
We're already on it!
All the different cities we've all lived in, going to be placed on a wall in the house like sign posts pointing here and there- this is the halfway through it pic:

So that you have to crane your head to the right and look like a silly fool trying to read your computer screen. (You're welcome.)

Stay tuned for another non-resume type day where I'll show the finished product.

And it won't be sideways.
I promise. 

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