Friday, January 13, 2012

Apparently I need to talk about religion today


Not a topic I usually cover on my blog, but I'm noticing a trend so of course, you know me, I have to blab about it.

An unusual amount of people are increasingly bringing God/Buddha/Satan/Flying Spaghetti Monsters into their resumes and cover notes. I'm betting it's because times are tough; as usual in the history of mankind, when things get rougher, people hit bottom and start feeling as if they need to look towards something "other" than themselves for a little help- possibly for the first time ever.

I don't CARE what religion you are (if any); I'm not here to pick on and/or debate all the different possibilities and their viability. What I DO care about is that you DON'T BRING IT UP on any of your job seeking material. Now this of course applies to every job on the planet EXCEPT a religious one. If you are literally seeking a position in a church or a synagogue or a temple etc, then by all means, have at it.
But I'm not talking about that here, I'm talking about your basic run of the mill civilian job.

Here are two examples as of late I can share to highlight the ridiculousness of doing this:

"Edward" put this at the top of his resume:

"Profile: I am thirty years old. I am a biology major with a loving desire in pursuing God as a good Christian servant."

There's 3 items there that slapped me upside the head.

First- I don't need his age listed. Don't put your damn age anywhere on your resume or your information, period. If we want to know how old you are we can guesstimate it from the school years you have listed.

Second- You're a biology major and you are sending your resume to an insurance recruiter. What do you expect me to do with you? If you want to start a new career in insurance, don't point out that you're a biology major, I can already see that listed under your school info. PLUS- if you come from a different background than the job you are trying to apply for, send a separate email or cover note to the HR person saying exactly that- that you are trying to break into a new field and would appreciate their consideration.

Third- So you have a loving desire in pursuing God. Okay, I'm happy for you. But it's so FREAKIN INAPPROPRIATE to be putting that on your resume, it's not even CLOSE to being okay.

Those 3 facts right there made me want to shred his resume in a heartbeat.

Here's another example- you've got some email signature set up for all your personal friends to see when you send them a message. It's got some lovely religious saying that you feel everyone needs to see. Not only that but you've got some active religious icon doing something animatedly religious next to the saying.
Change your outgoing email signature (actually just completely eliminate it) for HR people.
I don't need to see this along with "Shower of Blessings!" after I've read why you want the job:

Am I clear here?

Just knock it off already.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I think I need to go use this:


  1. I am willing to bet people are rolling the dice to find some "common thread" with the recruiters that will open their hearts to a hire, out of desperation. If they knew their recruiter was a democrat, they'd prolly list it, & I would not be at all shocked if you told me they have indeed rolled the dice on this one too. You've probably seen kittens, babies, & who knows what else, you poor dear, & the half naked pics and pink poodles are probably an effort to snag a poodle lover or a perv/ cougar having a mid-life crisis. People are stupid and lack the integrity to earn what they get. Just Say'n.