Friday, January 27, 2012

What a week's Friday.
Are you as happy to see Friday as I am?
Or as I normally say, DUDE.

This week was a doozy.
A doo-ZAY.

Some highlights included:
A family decision to put a property on the market that we've had a tenant in for years.
That triggered another family decision to buy a different home closer to work shortly (hopefully) after the first property sells.

Along with contracts and small clean up tasks involved with putting a home on the market, I also got the pleasure of dealing with a moderately confusing and ridiculously time consuming attempt at transferring our daughter's records between school districts. This wouldn't be so bad except we are having to transfer her out of a school district she was never formally (nor physically) a part of. This makes no fucking sense to me (but dealing with school districts hardly ever does)--- can you say red tape? 

There have also been a rash of burglaries in our neighborhood as of late- actually going on since October but they are only talking about it and putting it on the news this week. Although we live in a nice neighborhood, it's getting rather serious as the criminals are breaking into homes in the middle of the day and tying up the occupants inside while they ransack the homes. Can you say time to move?

My work load has been a bit unruly- only because we've upped the anty with how many positions we are currently hiring for. And there is still only one Stephanie. So basically my desk this past week has looked like this woman's:

And last but not least, my truck broke down. Not a major break down situation, just a little *we need to run to the auto parts store and buy a new battery and then keep an eye on the alternator* type situation. The truck break down (fortunately) happened on the driveway of our property in Van Nuys. So while my smart and oh so mechanical hubby was fixing the truck, I was sitting on the back of the tailgate, in the partial dark (with the exception of the porch light) combing through a pile of resumes I had the foresight to bring with me.

As I was sitting there, swinging my legs like a 5 year old and scribbling notes about each job candidate, I came across one in particular that really made me mad. 

At first I had to take a step back and ask myself--- am I "overly" angry at this person because of my crappy circumstances and I'm just taking it out on him? Uhhhh, no.

Here's what happened:
I got a simple email from a fairly well qualified job candidate. He was answering one of my postings where I am looking for a licensed individual in our area, to work under an existing agent in their office. In the job posting I was very specific (of course as I'm anal that way) that they need to submit their resume along with their State of California Dept of Insurance license number. This guy thought it would be okay to simply shoot me an email from his phone and tell me this:
"I'm interested in the position I saw but I don't deem it necessary to send you a copy of my resume as you can just pull me up on the state DOI and that will be enough."

Oh no he di'int!

Oh yes, he did. 

I felt my anger at this job candidate was, oh how shall we say?... justified. 
I cannot believe that people have the NERVE, especially in this economy, to tell an HR/Recruiter type to stop what they are doing and go do all the work themselves. Plus expect us to call them and still consider hiring them after that?

Can you say lazy?

Am I wrong here?

What say you, my blog reading peeps?

And so yeah, getting back to my original point- I'm glad it's Friday. 

I could really use a big fat icing laden cupcake 

or 6.

And a vat of wine right about now.

Because after all


  1. People's laziness never ceases to amaze me. Especially when it comes to their jobs and job hunting. I work for a mid-size property management company and the amount of people we have working for us who regularly take unapproved, unannounced days off and then have the audacity to cop a 'tude when they get caught and reprimanded really and truly shocks me. The uniqueness of this field makes it difficult to monitor (aka, babysit) our employees and many of them take advantage of it. Frustrating and baffling to me. I love your blog, by the way and frequently find myself nodding and saying "Amen, sister." as I read (not to mention a chuckle here and there).
    Thanks for the entertainment! :-)

  2. @Anonymous- yes, the laziness is baffling, isn't it? I am also truly shocked at the people that are currently employed (as you mentioned) that take advantage of their employers and don't take their job that seriously. Just because 99% of the time I choose to portray the idiots that are job hunting on my blog doesn't mean I haven't got a pile of qualified, decent candidates that are deserving of employment, because I do. So when I hear of/observe employees acting like asses like you do? It infuriates me because I have spoken to 100s of people who would not only LOVE to have their job but would do damn good at it as well.
    Thanks for being a reader and commenting! :0)