Monday, January 30, 2012

"I love managing children..." It's Meanie Monday peeps!

Ah, today's Meanie Monday installation is a great one.
I've actually seen this exact scenario play out about 4 separate times over the course of the past year. The 4th instance happened last week, so I'm choosing to write about it today.

Back story:
People that currently work with small children, who used to work in insurance. Was that clear enough? USED TO work in insurance. It was on their resume. I didn't make that up. (It's important, that's why I'm emphasizing it... just stick with me here.)
They have themselves posted on a job board, I approach them about various possible job positions they might be a good fit for, and then they lash out at me.
In that exact order.

So that's what happened with "Elizabeth" last Thursday... when I was (just for the record) having a tough week already myself and more than likely looking kind of like this:

Here's what Elizabeth emailed back to me after I called and left her a voice mail and then emailed her requesting a conversation and a possible interview:

"WHY in the WORLD would you think I would be interested in working in insurance again? What gave you that impression? I work with children now, I have no interest in working in the useless insurance world. How DARE you email me and take up my precious time with your useless position in your useless company. Take me off your fucking contact list and don't you EVER contact me again bitch!"

So here I go again...
Ummm, really?

You work with children?
Let me just pull your resume copy again as I'd like to see exactly what you wrote about your personality and mad child care skills- I'm sure it was something stellar.... oh lookie! I was correct!
This is how Elizabeth described herself on her resume:

"I perform a variety of teacher duties with small children, including but not limited to assisting them and general supervision. I love managing children, I am sensitive to their feelings and I have a warm and very friendly personality... I am sensitive to the feelings and needs of others, am able to relate well to children and fellow adult employees, am willing to fulfill responsibilities in accordance with the school's educational philosophy. I feel I represent the school well wherever I go, not just around the children."

"I feel I represent the school well wherever I go, not just around the children."
That sounds like a double dog dare to me, what about you?
Should I contact the school she currently works for and forward her interaction with me? 
I chewed on that concept for awhile but decided that keeping my job was more important than ratting the sensitive to feelings, warm and friendly personality bitch out. 

So this is what I have to say to you, darling child manager:

Oh, and also...

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