Thursday, January 12, 2012

For reals?

Yesterday I got an email by itself with no resume attached.

Now, as I've mentioned before in previous blog postings, if I get an email by itself with no resume attached, that usually means it's gonna be a meanie. They naturally have no need to attach their resume for my "viewing pleasure" because the meanies don't want a job, they just want to rip me a new one.

So I was hesitant to open up this email, but once I did I couldn't stop laughing like an out of control hyena at her desk. 

Here is the actual email, word for word, as well as original spacing.
(I swear, I can't make this shit up...)

"hello i     want   to know    what  kind of    do you   have  i workd  casher,     seller,  costomer   cervise. if you have opning what posishone is it"

and that was it. 



that somebody's going to eventually hire your sorry ass.

Cuz it ain't gonna be me!


  1. Someone actually thought those spellings were accurate enough to press send on that?????

  2. @Sharon- yup! I usually get about 5 of those a week.