Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Things That Make You Go Hmmmmm.....

If you're a Generation X baby like I am, your brain probably went to this song when you read the title of my blog today:

If it didn't, then you just got schooled a little!
(You're welcome ;0)

Now- on to the resume du jour:

This "lovely" young lady I'll just call "Valerie" thought she'd be coy and put this as her job objective:
Administrative Ass

I would have readily chalked it up to a penchant for abbreviating words and dismissed it, but upon closer examination I discovered there was, in fact, more to her sly play on words.

First off, she listed 2 different email addresses on her resume.
I've seen this done before and think it's just downright LAME and confusing for HR people as how the HELL are we supposed to know just which magical email address to pick to communicate with you?
What method does one suggest for this?
Eeeny meeny miney mo?

Not that I would have necessarily chosen to communicate with Valerie in the first place, because the two email addresses started out like this:

But I read a little further, figuring that at least this was going to be entertaining...
She listed things like being "hands on with the customers" and bragged about how she "handled them with great service" etc.

But it wasn't until I went into her profile on the particular job board I was logged onto to make notes to myself about NOT contacting her in the future that I noticed the other THREE email addresses she had also attached to her profile.

Were this:


So I just have one question for little Miss Ho Bag Val-

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