Tuesday, January 17, 2012

An uplifting resume

Occasionally I'll get a resume from an employee of

Did you get that? Did you understand what company I meant?
Okay, then let's try this...

K, NOW do you get it??


What I'm trying to say is this: Occassionally I get a resume from an employee of 

Okay NOW we are all on the same page!
(And man, you need to get with it, that was slightly painful...)

Let me just say that every man in the office where I work has a hard time resisting comments like "Oooohhh please bring her in!!" if I fess up that I received a resume from one of their employees.

Yesterday was such an occassion.
This little chickie called herself a "Bra Specialist."

How delightful.
"I wonder what her job description will say" goes my brain as I'm scanning down the page..."I bet it will be funny..." "Oooo! I might even get some blog fodder out of this one..."

Uh, yep!

There were 3 things she put on her resume under
 "Bra Specialist".

She was:
"hands on with customer service"
had "strong sales analysis skills"
and was an 
"excellent problem solver"

So just think about this for a second...
No, don't.
It's just too ridiculous.



  1. As an associate of Victoria's Secret I find your post to be appalling and stereotypical. What you don't understand is that it is a serious and professional business where we all work incredibly hard, just as I'm sure you do. A Bra Specialist is an elevated role that requires more initiative and drive. You missed out on whom I'm sure was a qualified candidate due to your ignorance.

  2. Dear Anonymous, sorry you took offense to this post.

    Just to be perfectly clear: I have nothing against "bra specialists" at all, as a matter of fact, I think MORE of them are needed in this country as many women are flopping around in a disgusting manner.

    What IS ignorant in this circumstance is NOT myself (as you so tersely stated) but this particular bra specialist's choice of descriptive words for her position. "Hands on"? "Analysis"? I mean seriously... find some OTHER words that don't convey the visual image of FONDLING OTHER WOMEN IN THE DRESSING ROOM. I'm sure I could come up with about 15 different accurate phrases she could have used that would have been MORE PROFESSIONAL.

    The end.