Friday, January 6, 2012

It's the Little Things

So I know I've brought this topic up before, but I just got another round of ridiculousness that sparked my memory and prompted me to mention this again.

When you NAME your resume (when you are saving it as a Word doc or an Adobe PDF or whatever) employers can SEE what you've named your resume.

So things like "Sarasresume" or "Managementres" are fine.

Names like "This'llfoolem" or "willtheybuyit" are not.

I was particularly saddened last week by a "less brazen" one I stumbled upon and opened up.

Miss Kelli had named hers "Resume notprof".

No, she's not trying to disguise the fact that she's a professor.

What she's doing is giving me the "not professional" one.


I mean seriously?

Come on.

That makes me sit and wonder how much better the professional one might have been.
What am I missing out on? Why wasn't I worthy enough to have gotten the professional one?

And now?

I'm just sad.
So sad.

Sniffle sniffle.

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