Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Okay, let's get back to the funny, people

So last week I had an incredible surprise that just tickled me beyond belief... the lovely Ms. Karyn Bosnak privately tweeted me and told me that she was crackin' up over my blog. And to quote her directly, she said this to me as well:
"I'm reading your blog right now. I'm worried about our country!"
Then she amended it on another tweet a minute later to say this:
"I meant:
I'm reeding you're blog write now. I'm worried about are cuntry!"

I love me a girl with some humor in her.

The following day I thanked her for reading my blog, what an honor it is etc. (As it is, it really really is!)

Then she told me I should write a book.

A famous author and screenwriter.

Told ME I should write a book.

I swear I almost passed out on my desk, right on top of all those crappy resumes I was sifting through.

So Ms. Karyn Bosnak- I totally heart you.
Not just because you're awesome to begin with and your books are rockin' and you had a movie made out of one of them (What's Your Number? which comes out TODAY on DVD by the way!!) but because you took the time to tell some minor league, snarky blogger that she's not doin' half bad.
Thank you. From the bottom of my little ol' blogging heart.

Now on to the funny resume of the day!

I got a resume from a gal named "Gayle" last week.
The resume itself was surprisingly drab compared to her cover note to me.
I say surprisingly because THIS is what she wrote:

"Hi Stephanie, I would like an opportunity to talk with you. I have whored in outside sales for many years but have always been paid either hourly or by the job. If this is something you can set up, please contact me."

Uhhhhhhh, say what?
Did she just ask me to do what I think she asked me to do?

Her resume was vague, only said "sales" for a long stretch of years for a company that I tried to Google and couldn't even find.
The whole thing wasn't exactly "confidence inducing" and considering the conservative company I work for?
I didn't have the balls to pick up the phone and call her.

I just don't think the world's ready to be sold insurance like that.

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  1. I would totally hire her. I bet she'd be a top producer in no time!